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Psychologist & Business coach

I help people cope with difficulties, get out of crisis and codependent relationships, find their own values, meanings, and ways. Make your life more comfortable and bright.

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I work with my clients as a life and business coach. I help develop the client’s inner strength and resilience in business and personal life. We learn together to determine the really important goal of the client and those resources that lie in the sphere of his control and those that seem to be an obstacle today. Step by step, each client sees something that seemed irresistible in a fairly short time. This is my help to find the potential and reach the client’s goal. I also help to go through adaptation in emigration and come to professional growth.

SEO expert

Worked closely with the marketing services leader, marketing services consultant, and other marketing professionals to develop and execute SEO campaigns.
Developed optimization strategies that increased search engine rankings.
Provided recommendations and executed strategies for ranking google and bing in relation to keyword-specific SEO goals.
Developed and implemented 1500 link-building campaigns.