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Life Coaching: the art of getting what you want. Coaching, which involves learning to set goals and achieve them, has many supporters. But it also causes a lot of heated debates. What do coaches teach, how do they differ from psychotherapists, what requests do they work with and how quickly do they help achieve results?

Coaching is easily confused with mentoring. But the role of a life coach is not to give valuable advice, but to teach the client to see their talents and use existing skills

A life coach is a coach who helps to achieve results on the path of life.

When to contact a life coach? … Who is a life coach and why should I contact him? What is life coaching and how does it differ from other ways of human development?

What Is a LIfe Coach Back within the Nineteen Eighties, Thomas Elmore John Leonard, initial place life work on the map. His plan to develop work as a profession was met cynically by several. However, the advantages of work presently became apparent and training itself was acknowledged as a

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