Russian books


russian books

List of the best fiction russian books by Russian authors for adults and children. Bibliography of writers on the hummingbird portal.

Interesting books, writers, books, reviews. … Here is a list of the 100 best books, compiled by the results of a vote of visitors to our site.

1550 good Russian books for children and teenagers. In this list, in alphabetical order, there are good children’s books by Russian writers. Genres are different: fairy tales, epics, poetry, books about nature and animals, classical literature, stories about war, parenting novels, science fiction, detective stories, adventure. But the main thing is that these are really good books for children, written by outstanding Russian authors – the great classics of Russian literature, wonderful Soviet and contemporary Russian writers. Good books for preschool and primary school children.

List of the best modern children’s books by Russian authors for children of different ages. Children’s books by Russian writers. … A picture book about a small volcano that gets offended, gets angry and angry, and then the anger goes away – and he calms down. This story can work as a practical guide to child psychology and will be a great occasion to talk to your child about difficult feelings and ways to express them.

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